What We Do

1. Partnering with Corporates

We partner with organisations that share our vision and believes. Typically we aim to become the primary source of candidates for internships and/or graduate development programmes by working together in enabling the shared vision.

2. Recruiting of Long-Term Unemployed Graduates

We focus on graduates who are unemployed for at least 3 months since their last exam. The CVs of the talents we source provide little insight to their potential, therefore we don’t hold judgement on the format and/or spelling/grammar of the CV. Getting insights to why they are not employed from the view of graduates aids us in tailor making our approach in integrating them into the Corporate world

3. Corporate Literacy Programme

For every position a client opens its doors, we take 2 talents through a 3-week programme that provides them with a platform for self-development. We take these 2 talents for you to select from whilst the other talent will be skilled and ready for job/internship for another organisation. The Experience Factory finds great pleasure that for every position we fulfil with our clients, a second talent finds its way into the corporate world.

4. Interviews By Client

We request that the interviews are conducted within two weeks of the completion of the Corporate Literacy Programme. Our client interviews each candidate and select the preferred one. And subsequently offers a (internship) contract to the talent and discusses the commencement date.

5. Personal Development Programme

The second platform for our talents consists of personal development sessions. Our talents regroup every two weeks to share experiences from their corporate environment. Every session is centred around soft skills topics that are a continuation of Corporate Literacy Programme. Simultaneously we ensure the appointment of external mentors and facilitate the interactions between mentee and mentor.

6. Other services

The Personal Development Sessions focusing on sharing experiences will also be offered to groups of junior/middle/senior managers. Stand-alone workshops on soft skills topics. Offering for learners too.

What We Deliver

  • Previously overlooked graduates now on par with top performers.
  • Extension of your talent pool.
  • A meaningful and mutual beneficial contribution to one of SA’s most pressing social challenges.