Ms. Mmapitse Maubane

Chair person

Mmapitse is a dynamic finance professional with over twelve year’s working experience in the financial industry. She commenced her career at Ernst and Young in external auditing and moved to their Corporate Finance Advisory division for a number of years. She then moved to form part of the Investec Growth and Acquisition finance team.
In 2010 Mmapitse took a break and decided to broaden her skills and knowledge base by studying for an MBA at IE Business School in Madrid, Spain. Upon her return she worked as an independent M&A advisory consultant before taking up a role as Investment Professional with Standard Bank and later Spinnaker Growth Partners.
Mmapitse is highly passionate about developing young talents in South Africa, as she has herself experienced the difficulties of being alone and navigating the business world to foster a successful career.


Shiva holds a Masters with Honours in Economics & Management from Scotland, United Kingdom.
Since starting her career in the Public Sector, Shiva has contributed extensively to the development of legislation in South Africa, particularly Public Finance Management legislation, including MFMA, Property Rates Act, reviews of PFMA, Constitution, Division of Revenue, and other policies.
She has served in Audit Committees, Boards, and as a Panel member for a number of Government Committees and Initiatives; mainly as they related to Public/Local Government Finance and Fiscal Policy. Whilst in Government, she received an Award as the “Most Outstanding Manager in the Public Sector” for her work on Project Consolidate.
She has worked with the Department of Public Enterprises, South African Local Government Association, SALGA. She has also been involved in Housing Policy and advised Governments on funding alternatives for low income housing in Southern Africa where she was involved on various policy developments with UN-Habitat.
Currently working for INCA, she was head advisor at Alexander Forbes and formerly Head of Public Sector at Absa, In that capacity, she served in the Absa Corporate and Business Bank Executive Committee.


Brandon Redcliffe ,current managing director at BLR Business consulting , defines himself as a “ a Black South African Entrepreneur by heart “. With 25 years experience in the ICT and Telecommunication sector , he has worked his way up from the ground and educated himself. Furthermore while growing in the business world , he has held many executive positions and has represented many Industry stakeholders at executive level . His strategic business network extends into , Business , Industry Stakeholders , Public Sector , State Owned Enterprises. His specialties includes : IT Consulting /Information Technology Solutions / Telecoms / Advisory Services / IT Infrastructure / SMME Development .


Charmaine Dali master alumni in leadership principles has undertaken online courses at Harvard business publishing and has developed her career throughout the work experience acquired at the company where she previously worked.As an experienced managing broker , she has contributed to various companies providing financial services solutions and long terms insurance products to all FSP. Reflecting on her career , Charmaine candidly says “It is important for me to be making a difference in peoples’s lives in all that I do. Ultimately, its about adding value and being of value to those that you touch and in everything that you do.If one is not adding value, their work is all for naught.’’


Donald Pillai ,current director at Robust marketing is definitely a wearer of many hats. From creative to virtual CEO , business strategist and investor amongst other things, he has an extensive knowledge of the industry and as a director of Robust Marketing , he has contributed in providing consultancy and other extraordinaire services to companies and clients.

Upon his career , Donald has extensively brought up his amazing skills to the development of companies , mentoring and investing in unlocking people’s potential.

He has served as a distinguished judge and advisor for various initiatives and according to comments from his network “Donald Pillay is seen as an exceptional advisor with great and extensive understanding of the business while pursuing goals on a high level. “